Board Meeting Minutes – April 22, 2021


Board Members Present: Linda Fountain, Amber Morgan, Ken Aberle, Tom Gunn, David McAdams, Megan Corvus

Board Members Absent: Malcolm Moreno, Don Wicks, Lisa Dutz

Staff Present: Laurie Lago

Members Present: None

This meeting of the LA Water Cooperative was called to order at 6:01pm by Ken Aberle, Vice President

Secretary’s Report – The minutes of the March 2021 meetings were presented in writing.

Motion to approve by Amber Morgan. Seconded by Dave McAdams. Voted & Passed

Treasurer’s Report – Presented in writing.

Discussion on additional reports to be added for next meeting. Also, for journal entry to be completed on the Gaston Bridge project once we have final bill from Washington County.

Motion to approve Linda Fountain. Seconded by Amber Morgan. Voted & Passed

Operation Manager’s Reports – Business, Field, and Water Loss Reports presented in writing.

Motion to approve by Linda Fountain. Seconded by Dave McAdams. Voted & Passed

Field Report – Report presented in writing is below:

New Service Taps: Installed new service connection on Springhill, this tap required boring under Springhill Road. Also, tapped a new service on Bald Peak. Both Inactive Certificates being made active.

Laurelwood Leak: The area has several water lines and valves, as well as power lines and fiber, all intersecting and crossing each other. Hired a vac truck to pot-hole to help pinpoint the lines in the area to prevent damage when digging. A service tap on our side was leaking and the 2 service lines tapped there were crossing each other and the main line in odd ways. Abandoned the old leaking lines and re-tapped 2 new lines to clean up the tangle of pipes and stop leak. Due to location of pipe in customers yard, landscape repair was required.

Parmele Leak: Repaired main line break. Road Repair required.

Gaston Road Leak: Repaired main line break on a section of the line that was not affected by the bridge project, but due to the project, the leak was discovered.

Phillips Road Leak: Leak on mainline where 2 taps for an inlet and outlet for an underground tank were tapped into the line. The tank, if it is even there, is not in use so that section of line was replaced and taps to possible tank disconnected and left abandoned. Landscape repair required.

Phillips Road: When the crew was working the Phillips road leak, it was discovered that an old leak that was repaired a few years ago by a previous employee further up the road had not been properly finished. While they had the equipment on Phillips, they filled the old hole and did proper landscape repairs.

Rossman PRV & Valves: Near the Rossman Tank we have a PRV and 2 valves all next to each other and at the base of a tree. The PRV and Valves need maintenance. With all those connections and so close to the tank, an accidental breakage while trying to dig would cause problems. Decided to hire a vac truck to safely clean the area out so we can see all lines. Once exposed we will evaluate extent of work to be done.

Landscape Maintenance & Ice Storm Clean-up: With nicer weather, the landscape maintenance at all the reservoirs, pump stations and shop areas has also been consuming a larger chunk of the crews’ time. We also had downed branches and debris around some reservoirs from the ice storm which they have been cleaning up.

Old Business

  1. 1998 Utility Trailer was sold for $1200.

New Business

  1. Customer Water Usage Limits – Discussion on customer going over usage limits. More data requested by board.

Other Business

Motion to adjorn by Tom Gunn. Seconded by Dave McAdams. Voted & Passed.

Meeting Adjourned at 6:53pm