About Us

L. A. Water Cooperative was formed in 1968 by a group of local residents, for the purpose of delivering water to the area around and including the former Laurelwood Academy campus (the L.A. in our name).  Over the years, the co-op has expanded by demand.  As of 2015, L. A. Water Cooperative delivered 64,707,120 gallons of water to 745 member households.  Our service area covers approximately 25 square miles of the Chehalem Valley in rural southwestern Washington County and northern Yamhill County.  The service area ranges in elevation from 180 feet on the valley floor to 1,620 feet on Bald Peak.  L. A. Water Cooperative has 15 reservoirs, 15 pump stations and over 60 miles of pipeline.

L. A. Water Cooperative is run by a volunteer board of 9 members.  Please meet your board members here.  The co-op has four full-time employees and a part time administrative assistant.

Our Water:

L.A. Water Cooperative purchases all of its water from the City of Hillsboro Utilities Commission. Hillsboro’s winter water source is the upper Tualatin River. In summer, the river level drops too low for municipal use, so Hillsboro relies on water stored in Barney Reservoir and Hagg Lake.  Hillsboro’s water is drawn out of the upper Tualatin River for filtration and treatment at either the Cherry Grove Slow Sand Filter Plant (SSFP) or the Joint Water Commission (JWC) Treatment Plant .  Both plants operate 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

L. A. Water Cooperative does not treat the water and our supplier, the City of Hillsboro, does not fluoridate its water supply. Check with your dentist to see if supplemental fluoride is recommended for your family.  No well water is used in our supply, so the water is very soft, about 2-3 grains per gallon.