Board Meeting Minutes – April 25, 2019


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Don Wicks, Ken Aberle, Tom Gunn, Linda Fountain, Lisa Dutz, Mark Franzen, Malcolm Moreno, Amber Morgan, and Mike Steffl,

STAFF PRESENT: Kris Conway, Kyle Culley and Patricia Carr

MEMBERS PRESENT: Richard and Caroline Salsbery, Cam Dutz and John Henslee

This meeting of the L. A. Water Cooperative Board of Directors was called to order at 6:00 PM by Don Wicks, Chairman.

Secretary’s Report: The minutes of the monthly board meeting held on March 28, 2019 were presented in writing.

MOTION by Tom Gunn to accept the minutes of March 28, 2019 as presented. Seconded by Amber Morgan. Voted. Passed.

Treasurer’s Report: The January through March Profit and Loss Previous Year Comparison Report and the Year to Date Performance to Budget Report were presented in writing. The March Cash Flow Statement, Year-to-Date Cash Flow Statement, Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss Previous Year Comparison Report, Performance to Budget Report, and Capital Expense Reports were emailed to the board the week prior to the Board Meeting.

MOTION by Linda Fountain to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Seconded by Tom Gunn. Voted. Passed.

Business Manager’s Report: The Business Manager’s Report and March System Status Report were presented in writing.

MOTION by Ken Aberle to accept the Business Manager’s Report as presented. Seconded by Tom Gunn. Voted. Passed.

Field Manager’s Report: The Field Manager’s Report was presented on screen. Kris Conway said 99% of the radio-read meters for customers have been installed. There are still some master meters to be replaced.

MOTION by Tom Gunn to accept the Field Manager’s Report as presented. Seconded by Linda Fountain. Voted. Passed.


Signers: MOTION by Ken Aberle to authorize Tom Gunn, Linda Fountain, Mike Steffl and Mark Franzen as signers. Seconded by Lisa Dutz. Voted. Passed.

OAWU Rate Study: The rate study has been reopened. Kris Conway stated that in order to move forward with the rate study a yearly budget for Capital Expenses has been estimated at $150,000.00. Kris Conway asked the board if they wanted to continue with multiple area rates (which include electrical surcharges) or if they wanted one rate for all customers. Don Wicks stated that he thought the rate study should show us both options.

Kris Conway is to work with OAWU to have the rate study completed by two weeks prior to the next board meeting and if this cannot be done, notify the board why and when it can be completed.


Bill Pay Services: Patricia Carr presented a spreadsheet comparing the four companies she and Linda Fountain had reviewed for bill pay services. Discussed the pros and cons.

MOTION by Tom Gunn to adopt JetPay bill pay service. Seconded by Amber Morgan. Voted. Passed.

Paving: Kris Conway presented bids for repairing the driveway into Gammon Reservoir that was damaged during tank diving and for paving part of the parking area at the shop.

Don Wicks asked Kris Conway to contact LiquiVision regarding possible cost sharing on the repair.

Tank diving summary: Kyle Culley presented and reviewed a summary of the findings from the tank diving.

Jerry Nethken, our electrician, will be moving and his last day working with the Co-op will be August 30, 2019. He will finish up outstanding projects and help with the orientation of his replacement.

Fuel Storage: Kris Conway asked about getting a 500 gallon diesel tank to put at the shop for refueling the excavator. Don Wicks suggested a 50 gallon tank to go in the back of the Tundra.

Kris Conway will check into tanks for the back of the Tundra, both new and used.

Barney Ward waterline: Discussed the possibility of replacing the water line that goes across Barney Ward’s property by doing a road bore and taking the line up Laurelwood Road.

Kris Conway will check again to see if we can bundle jobs and reduce the $36,000.00 cost.
Kris Conway will check with BSC boring. Cam Dutz will get the contact information to Kris.

Office Position: Discussed the vacant part-time office position. The position will remain open for now and will be readdressed in June.


Salsbery easements: Richard and Caroline Salsbery addressed the board regarding access to the easements on their property. Caroline stated they want staff to stay within the written easements. Don Wicks asked if they can finish the survey of the property. Caroline stated that she wants to be notified before anyone comes onto her property. Malcolm Moreno stated that his map book shows all of the easements. Ken Aberle asked Malcolm if he could bring that map book to the office so Kris Conway could compare it to the maps at the Co-op office.

Kris Conway is to coordinate with Caroline Salsbery to finish surveying the waterlines that cross their property.

Kyle Culley stated that he has been approached by Laurelwood Water Users Cooperative to do some work for them when he is not on duty for L. A. Water Cooperative. Board reiterated that what Kyle does on his own time is up to him, however, it is not to interfere with his responsibilities for L. A. Water Cooperative and none of L. A. Water Cooperative’s tools or equipment are to be used.

MOTION by Tom Gunn to adjourn at 7:35 p.m. Seconded by Mike Steffl. Voted. Passed.