Board Meeting Minutes – February 28, 2019


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Don Wicks, Ken Aberle, Tom Gunn, Linda Fountain, Lisa Dutz, Mark Franzen, David McAdams and Mike Steffl,


STAFF PRESENT: Kris Conway, Patricia Carr and Kyle Culley

MEMBERS PRESENT: Cam Dutz, Mark and Sharon Zertanna, Amber and Jeremy Morgan, and Erica Stark.

GUESTS PRESENT: Denney Muchmore and Payse Smith, Westech Engineering

This meeting of the L. A. Water Cooperative Board of Directors was called to order at 6:00 PM by Don Wicks, Chairman.

Secretary’s Report: The minutes of the monthly board meeting held on January 24, 2019 were presented in writing.

MOTION by Lisa Dutz to accept the minutes of January 24, 2019 as presented. Seconded by Ken Aberle. Voted. Passed.

Treasurer’s Report: The 2018 draft of the Financial Report was presented to the board in writing.

The board will review the draft and send questions to the office via email or vote by email to approve the draft before Wednesday, March 6th.

Business Manager’s Report: The Business Manager’s Report and January System Status Report were presented in writing. Discussion.

MOTION by Tom Gunn to accept the Business Manager’s Report as presented. Seconded by Linda Fountain. Voted. Passed.

Field Manager’s Report: The Field Manager’s Report, Water Loss Report, and January Consumption Report were presented in writing. Kris Conway gave a verbal review. He stated that the estimated water loss for the Bridgefarmer Road leak was 150,000 gallons. Estimated loss for the Vista Hill Road main line break was 20,000 gallons.

MOTION by Mark Franzen to accept the Field Manager’s Report as presented. Seconded by Tom Gunn. Voted. Passed.


Holly Hill Chlorine Residual Report Update: Kris Conway gave an update on the project and expected costs.


Treasurer – signer: Tabled until after the Annual Meeting.

Master Plan approval: Denny Muchmore distributed Executive Summaries and maps then reviewed the several items in the Master Plan. Discussed the purpose of the Master Plan – to give the Co-op a roadmap to aid in future planning. All projects listed are in today’s dollars and listed as if the Co-op had to contract out the entire job. He discussed the fact that there are some areas where we do not have adequate mapping to show our pipe size, material or location. David McAdams expressed his concern over some of the wording. Lisa Dutz asked some questions about priority 1A in the Executive Summary.

David McAdams will send recommended wording changes to the Co-op office.

MOTION: Motion by David McAdams to approve the Master Plan subject to the wording modifications – in lieu of stipulate add intended. Seconded by Tom Gunn. Voted. Passed. Lisa Dutz abstained.

Capital Equipment Purchase: Kris Conway presented several options for a backhoe and gave a presentation on the expected Return on Investment. The Board will address this again after the Annual Meeting.

OAWU Rate Study: Discussed re-opening the rate study now that the Master Plan and Capital Improvement Lists are completed.

Kris Conway will contact OAWU to see if there will be any additional fees or charges to re-open the rate study above the original quote.

Website Walk-through: Ken Aberle has been updating the L. A. Water Cooperative website. Kris Conway did a slide walk-through to show the changes and additions.


Mark Zertanna addressed the board regarding his concern over the rate increases and the possibility of the Co-op offering incentives for water saving devices. The reasons for the rate increase were explained, one of which was the 10.9% increase in the cost of water from the City of Hillsboro, another the rising cost of materials for repair and maintenance.

Amber Morgan addressed the board requesting the Co-op institute online bill pay and credit card services. It was explained that the Co-op now has more options than were available two years ago and we were again doing a feasibility study on these options.

MOTION by Tom Gunn to adjourn at 8:50 p.m. Seconded by Lisa Dutz. Voted. Passed.