Board Meeting Minutes – June 22, 2023


Board Members Present:  Don Wicks, Amber Morgan, Dave McAdams, Linda Fountain, Lisa Dutz, Ted Leach, Tom Gunn, and Terry Wymore.

Board Members Absent:  Joel Mulkey

Staff Present:  Jason Bayne and Matt Thompson

Guest Present:  Gary Carr

This meeting of the L. A. Water Cooperative was called to order at 6:00 PM by Don Wicks, President.

Gary Carr addressed the Board regarding his concern with the Cooperative’s practice of holding members who rented their property being held responsible for unpaid water bills resulting from their renters.

Motion by Dave McAdams to leave the people in Collections due to Covid and not go after the member owning the property.  Seconded by Ted Leach.  Voted and passed.

Regular Business

Secretary’s Report:  The minutes of the May 2023 meeting were presented in writing.  The minutes contained two missing items.

Motion to approve with corrections by Amber Morgan.  Seconded by Dave McAdams.  Voted and passed.

Treasurer’s Report:  No Treasurer’s report available due to lack of staffing.

Matt Thompson was asked to find the Excel spreadsheet previous used instead of QuickBooks entries.

Business Manager’s Report presented in writing.

Motion to approve by Amber Morgan.  Seconded by Tom Gunn.  Voted and passed.

An explanation of the accounts close in RVS was provided by Linda Fountain.  All accounts were renters so it was determined no further action was needed.

Operation Manager’s Reports:  presented in writing.

Motion to approve by Linda Fountain.  Seconded by Tom Gunn.  Voted and passed.

  • Pacific Power conducted a 10-day continuous monitoring of Muddy Gulch power supply and found no discrepancies. Brightside to install a VFD once the part is in stock.
  • Continued telemeter issues between Bridge Farmer pump station and Olsen Reservoir.
  • Found a pair of wires the restored telemetry until a permanent solution was completed a couple of weeks later. Permanent solution was purchase and installation of a telemetry/Scada system using cellular to communicate.
  • Shut-offs were done and only two members still delinquent.
  • Replaced the switch for Dixon Mill booster pump and ordered a spare pump in case if fails.
  • Received pumps ordered earlier in the year. Order was for one pump for every pump station.  Missing 5 from the original order.  Need to address keeping the seals from drying.  Plan is to replace old pump with a new on and using the old pump to practice replacing seals.
  • Moved transformer outside the Muddy Gulch pump station to reduce heat inside the pump station.
  • Installed a new PRV on Quail run as the main PRV failed.
  • Homeowner needs water for his property as well has dried up. He will have to apply for a water certificate.  There is a waterline running through his property.

Old Business

  1. Mainline Re-alignment in Rock Quarry. There is a leak on our line.  Jason Bayne and our Engineer walked the proposed waterline.  Additional pipe will be needed to lay the line inside our easement.  The work cannot be done in-house.  Jason Bayne to get a new bid for the next Board meeting as well as a contract.
  2. Langley line has a leak. The entire line is being replaced.  The people on Langley should be the only ones without water and that for only the time it takes to connect to the new line.


New Business

  1. The letter regarding the time limit on the water meter installation for a new water certificated needs a rewrite.
  2. Need a letter to member who is in violation of their water certificate by having multiple buildings on the property and usage exceeding 15,000 gallons.
  3. Review of fees. (Current late fee is 10% per Annum.)
  4. Notify bank of home in foreclosure that the water turned off and inactive charges are accruing.
  5. Leak credit for $482 needs to be reviewed and approved by the Board.


MOTION to adjourn by Tom Gunn.  Seconded by Amber Morgan.  Voted and passed.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:40 P.M.

Executive Session