Board Meeting Minutes – May 26, 2022


Board Members Present: Linda Fountain, David McAdams, Don Wicks, Amber Morgan, Ted Leach, Ken Aberle, Lisa Dutz

Board Members Absent: Tom Gunn, Megan Corvus

Staff Present: Laurie Lago

This meeting of the LA Water Cooperative was called to order at 6:00pm by Don Wicks, Chair

Secretary’s Report – The minutes of the April 2022 meeting were presented in writing.
Motion to approve by Amber Morgan . Seconded by Ken Aberle. Voted & Passed

Treasurer’s Report – presented in writing.
Motion to approve by Amber Morgan. Seconded by Dave McAdams. Voted & Passed

Operation Manager’s Reports – Business, Field, and Water Loss Reports presented in writing.
Motion to approve by Amber Morgan . Seconded by Linda Fountain . Voted & Passed

  1. Field Report – Report presented in writing is below:Pit PRV’s – Replaced second PRV on Pit Road, adjusted pressures and replaced meter shut off valve on a broken meter valve while water was down.
  2. New Meter Taps – tapped 2 new meters for certificate holders.
  3. PRV Project – crew spent time reviewing and cataloging all PRV locations and sizes, as well as performing landscaping maintenance around the PRV’s, in preparation for rebuilding or replacing as needed.
  4. Landscape Maintenance – Everything is growing, so landscape maintenance around reservoirs and pump stations are requiring more time.

Old Business

  1. Mainline Re-alignment in Rock Quarry – Lawyer is working to make contact with owners to discuss their lack of attention to this matter.
  2. Service Line – abandon and move – Discussion on next steps.

New Business

  1. Accounting Information – Contact an accounting firm other than Jones & Roth to schedule an audit. Also look into a local accountant to do a quarterly review of the books.
  2. Insurance Policy Renewal Update – informed of changes to policy and property values. Look into earthquake and board coverages for next meeting.
  3. CIP Projects – written list of projects submitted and discussed. Operations Manager to meet with Engineer to discuss moving forward.
  4. Trailer – Discussion on whether to keep or sell the spare tilt trailer.


Motion to adjourn by Ken Aberle. Seconded by Amber Morgan. Voted & Passed
Meeting Adjourned at 7:45pm