Board Meeting Minutes – October 27, 2022


Board Members Present: Don Wicks, Amber Morgan, Linda Fountain, David McAdams, Ted Leach, Lisa Dutz.

Board Members Absent: Megan Corvus, Tom Gunn

Staff Present: Laurie Lago

This meeting of the LA Water Cooperative was called to order at 6:00pm by Don Wicks, Chair

Secretary’s Report – The minutes of the September, 2022 meeting were presented in writing. Motion to approve by Linda Fountain. Seconded by Dave McAdams. Voted and passed.

Treasurer’s Report – Presented in writing. Motion to approve by Linda Fountain., Seconded by Amber Morgan. Voted and passed.

Operation Manager’s Report – Business, Field and Water Loss Report presented in writing. Motion to approve by Linda Fountain. Seconded by Amber Morgan. Voted and passed.

Field Report – Report presented in writing is below:

Langley Leak – Repaired another leak on the Langley line

Moreno Drive Water Outage – Crew responded to water loss on Moreno drive (after hours). A leak on a customer’s line was pulling all the water from the customers above. Turned off the water to the customer with the leak and all other customers water was restored. Told customer with the leak, he could have his water turned back on when his leak was fixed.

PRV Box Install on Langley – Wooden box around PRV on Langley drive was deteriorating and was beyond repair. New box finally arrived and was installed.

New Service on Bald Peak – Inactive certificate on Bald Peak was made active and a new meter was installed, requiring a bore under the road.

Grounds Maintenance – Worked on making sure all reservoirs and pump stations received a final mowing and trimming before the rain sets in.

Tank Re-coating – Met with Veolia and gave tour of the three reservoirs that need interior re-coating.


Old Business

  • Mainline re-alignment in Rock Quarry – Topographical survey in process and lawyer is reviewing our easement and rights.
  • Academy Property Certificates – Working on setting up a meeting with L.A. Water’s Engineer and the Developer’s Engineer.
  • Bald Peak State Park – Water service request and potential future reservoir site – cost fo topo study is $32k – decision to hold off for now as there are more pressing issues that money can be used for.
  • City of Hillsboro price increase for 2023 – 4.5% rate increase starting Jan 1, 2023. Passing the rate increase on was discussed, but no decision was made at this time.
  • Financial Assistance for a customer – hardship



New Business

  • Shop/Office Building Foundation Issues – Cracking in foundation – getting assessments from foundation companies.
  • Budget Items – Discussed items to include in next year’s budget.
  • Retirement – Simple IRA vs 401k – Motion to move the simple IRA over to a 401k, by Dave McAdams. Seconded by Amber Morgan. Voted and passed.
  • Check Signers – 2 new check signers needed. Amber Morgan and Dave McAdams volunteered to be added as check signers, and Ken Aberle is to be removed.


Other Business

  • Tanks – Discussed meeting with Veolia regarding condition of our tanks. Operations Manager directed to arrange for inspections on all tanks with ROV inspectors on worst tanks.
  • Leak Credit – Motion to approve by Amber Morgan. Seconded by Linda Fountain. Voted and passed.
  • Pumps – Discussed quotes. Will proceed with HPS.


Motion to adjourn by Linda Fountain. Seconded by Dave McAdams. Voted and passed.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:15pm