Board Meeting Minutes – September 28, 2023


Board Members Present:  Dave McAdams, Linda Fountain, Joel Mulkey, Amber Morgan, Lisa Dutz, Ted Leach, and Terry Wymore.

Board Members Absent:  Don Wicks, Tom Gunn

Staff Present:  Jason Bayne, Matt Jackson, Kylie McDermott

Guest Present:  Steve Roper, Mike Willcuts, & Marc Willcuts

This meeting of the L. A. Water Cooperative was called to order at 5:50 PM by Linda Fountain, Secretary.

Guest Presentation

The co-op board will be putting together a committee to review the projects the guests have presented.

Regular Business

Secretary’s Report:  The minutes of the August 2023 meeting were presented in writing.

Motion to approve by Dave McAdams.  Seconded by Joel Mulkey.  Voted and passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Everything is on track.

Motion to approve by Joel Mulkey. Seconded by Terry Wymore. Voted and passed.

Business Manager’s Report presented in writing.

Motion to approve by Joel Mulkey.  Seconded by Linda Fountain.  Voted and passed.

Work on capitalizing the capital improvement project expenses.

Operation Manager’s Reports:  presented in writing.

Motion to approve by Joel Mulkey .  Seconded by Linda Fountain.  Voted and passed.

Mail out notices instead of door hangers for scheduled shut downs.

PRVs will require two major shuts downs. They are scheduled for October.

Old Business

  1. Langley line update.

Complete samples on Monday, then we’ll be able to move services over and the project will be complete.

2. Tractor has been sold

Sold for 10,000

3. Heat Pump Estimates

Amber Morgan sent over a few additional business to complete a quote.

Motion to approve installation of heat pumps

4. Mission Scada. Written Pros and Cons provided.

Motion to approve by Dave McAdams. Seconded by Joel Mulkey. Voted and passed.

5. Switching internet to Starlink versus Upward Access

Discussed with Upward Access regarding moving the satellite to a position that would provide better visibility to the tower. They are unable to do this. Starlink costs provided. Approved to switch to starlink based on similar costs to Upward Access.

6. Umpqua Bank option for money

The 350k is set aside for the tank relining when the time comes.

7. Cost for switch to hydraulic pumps

Tabled for now.

8. Increase for late fees

Tabled for now.

9. Home in bank foreclosure update

Home sold at auction. We are now waiting to hear from the new owners.

10. Letter to member with multiple homes on their property

Tabled for now.

New Business

  1. Leak credits presented in writing.

Motion to allow Operation Manager to approve leak credit applications of $500 or less.

Motion to approve by Dave McAdams. Seconded by Ted Leach. Voted and passed

  1. CDs

The two October CDs will be rolling into a new six month treasury bill or cd. Dave McAdams and Linda Fountain will contact the brokerage manager.

The November board meeting will be held on Thursday November 30th.

MOTION to adjourn by Amber Morgan.  Seconded by Dave McAdams.  Voted and passed.  

Meeting Adjourned at 8:26 P.M.