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Due to a leave of absence of an office employee, the Co-Op office has not been continually staffed. Members of the board have been volunteering numerous hours to keep the doors open as much as possible, and to make sure bills are being paid, meters are being read, and service to the members continues, uninterrupted. At present, it is unknown for sure how long the leave of absence will continue. Field staff are unaffected and are available to keep the water flowing.

Because of the staffing concerns, most calls to the office are being forwarded to an answering service and the volunteer staff is doing their best to respond as soon as possible however for the time being, some of the responses may be delayed significantly. Emergency calls such as leaks or loss of water service are still being forwarded immediately to field staff who are available to respond.

If you paid your water bill on-time and you still received a late fee in error, please contact the office to have that corrected. Please keep the above staffing issue in mind, but at some point you will get credited for any late charges that are in error. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Since it is unknown how much longer the employee absence will continue, the board is working to hire temporary staff to cover the position on a full-time basis until the employee returns. The individual should possess basic office skills, at least some experience in accounts receivable/payable, customer service, answering phones, and the use of Quickbooks and billing software. If you, or someone you know possess skills in this area and are interested, please contact us at  LAwater.AmberandLinda@gmail.com for details!