As of about 7:30 AM today (Thursday, 01/14/21), PGE has restored power to our system and the pumps are back up and running!  The guys in the field have inspected each station and cleared any alarms. There should be no further concerns of a loss of service!



The latest information from PGE is that an updated estimated time for power to be restored is 11:00 PM today (01/13/21). There are no additional updates available at this time.

Due to the loss of electrical power associated with last night’s storm, the pumps for the upper portions of our system are not operational. At present those portions of the system are operating off of stored water in our reservoirs. Depending how long the outage lasts, it is possible that members who live in the upper elevation areas may experience a drop in water pressure. If the outage lasts long enough, it is possible that a loss of water service may occur. According to PGE, power may be restored as early as 6:00 PM this evening (Wednesday, Jan 13), in which case most, if not all members will not notice a change in water service at all.  Further information will be updated as soon as it can be determined.



… and we’re closed again

With the return of the Governors COVID-19 restrictions, the co-op’s  office has been forced to close for walk in member services. Office staff will continue to work behind the scenes and will remain available to assist you by phone (503- 662-3899) or email. Kyle and Mason will continue to work hard in the field to keep everything running. In-person payments can still be made by dropping the payment through the mail-slot in the front door or you can make an on-line payment HERE.



Is your tap water safe to drink?

Yes!  L.A. Water Coop receives our water from the City of Hillsboro. Hillsboro’s water continues to be safe to drink and use. The fires burning in Washington County and the COVID-19 pandemic are not affecting Hillsboro’s drinking water.  Click here to be directed to Hillsboro’s Water Department for more information.



Online Payments Are Finally Here!

Thanks to the hard work of board members Amber Morgan and Linda Fountain, and our new Business Manager Laurie Lago, the Co-Op is now able to accept online electronic payments using your credit card, debit card, or an eCheck. Click here to find out how!



Where did “Co-Op News” go?

You may have noticed in recent past that “Co-Op News” is no longer included with your monthly bill, and no longer present on the co-op’s website. The purpose of that news-letter was to keep members up to date with upcoming projects, seasonal tips, and other general information. Although that information was probably helpful for some members, the employee time and expense seemed better used for other purposes that would better meet the members needs. Instead, the co-op will now keep information that was previously contained the in the news letter, posted on this website. In addition to saving the members time and money, the information will be available faster than it would have been if delivered in your monthly bill!