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LA Water Coop’s Drinking Water Remains Safe to Drink & Use:  Chlorine Shortage Information

LA Water was recently notified by The City of Hillsboro Water Department of a chlorine shortage caused by an equipment failure at a manufacturing facility on the west coast.

LA Water Coop customers receive drinking water from the Joint Water Commission (JWC) Water Treatment and Cherry Grove Slow Sand Filter plants. Both plants rely on chlorine in the treatment process to kill harmful pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses – and to ensure water is safe to drink and use.


Protection of public health is the Hillsboro Water Department’s and LA Water Co-op’s number one priority.

The drinking water coming out of your tap remains safe to drink and use.

LA Water’s water supply is not impacted by the chlorine shortage at this time.


The City of Hillsboro staff have implemented measures to extend chlorine supply and are working to acquire additional supplies from other manufacturers, while also ensuring that the water remains safe to drink.

To get the chlorine supply needed to treat drinking water for LA Water Coop customers, the City of Hillsboro Water Department is working directly with other water utilities, the Oregon Governor’s Office, Oregon Emergency Management, Oregon Health Authority, Department of Environmental Quality, and the Oregon Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network.


LA Water Coop customers can voluntarily help conserve the chlorine supply by reducing indoor and outdoor water use.


Click here for Additional water efficiency tips are available online.

Water Department staff will keep LA Water customers informed and provide updates if additional actions are needed.

For more information and to check for updates, visit Hillsboro-Oregon.gov/Water or follow the Hillsboro Water Department on Twitter. To learn more about the water treatment process, visit the City of Hillsboro Water Department website.

To all of our customers and residents in the area, thank you for your voluntary help and support. For questions, please contact the LA Water Coop at 503-662-3899 or by email at lawater.cooperative@gmail.com.




Election Results

The ballots for the open board positions were counted on 3/24/2021 by office staff and Amber Morgan (board member). Don Wicks and Lisa Dutz were both re-elected and 2 write in candidates were also elected. Megan Corvus accepted the 3 year position and David McAdams will be filling the 1 year position. Both Megan and David have served on the board in recent past so they are both already familiar with the operations of the co-op. The new members were present and welcomed at the March 25th Board Meeting. Thank you all for voting!

Click here for more information about the board




… We’re back open!

As of last Friday (02/26/21), the Covid risk level was lowered in Yamhill County which has allowed us to re-open the office to members. Please continue to observe the required safety protocols and wear a mask when inside of the co-op office.




Online Payments Are Finally Here!

Thanks to the hard work of board members Amber Morgan and Linda Fountain, and our new Business Manager Laurie Lago, the Co-Op is now able to accept online electronic payments using your credit card, debit card, or an eCheck. Click here to find out how!



Where did “Co-Op News” go?

You may have noticed in recent past that “Co-Op News” is no longer included with your monthly bill, and no longer present on the co-op’s website. The purpose of that news-letter was to keep members up to date with upcoming projects, seasonal tips, and other general information. Although that information was probably helpful for some members, the employee time and expense seemed better used for other purposes that would better meet the members needs. Instead, the co-op will now keep information that was previously contained the in the news letter, posted on this website. In addition to saving the members time and money, the information will be available faster than it would have been if delivered in your monthly bill!