Online Payments Are Finally Here!

Thanks to the hard work of board members Amber Morgan and Linda Fountain, and our new Business Manager Laurie Lago, the Co-Op is now able to accept online electronic payments using your credit card, debit card, or an eCheck. Click here to find out how!




WATER OUTAGES – Laurelwood, Parmele, Hartley, Thimbleberry, Fernwood

(Updated Jan 12, 4:15p) Repairs have been made to the big leak in the main line. A large underground boulder shifted and severed the lines on both sides of a master meter.  Technicians have already made repairs to the broken line and water service has been restored! Due to the poor weather conditions and high water content of the soil, the repairs that were made are temporary.  Permanent repairs will be made as soon as conditions allow. You may see what appears to be cloudy or off colored water for a while, which is just air bubbles. The water is safe to drink.

(Updated Jan 12, 12:55p) Repairs are underway. There were three failures discovered, two of which have been repaired already however there is a 4″ main-line break on Hartley which will continue to affect service. As it stands now, it appears that members on Parmele and Laurelwood will be without water, while members on Fernwood, Thimbleberry, and Hartley will likely experience significantly lower pressures. Crews will continue to work throughout the day and into the evening until repairs are completed. It is estimated that service will be restored sometime this evening.

(Jan 12, 11:30a) A little after 10AM on Saturday, January 12th, the Co-Op began receiving numerous calls about the loss of service in the Laurelwood area. The team is working as quickly as possible to restore service however the problem is not isolated to one failure. Because there are multiple failures, it is unknown how long it will take to make the repairs. We will provided updates as soon as possible.




Sign of the times…

There have been a lot of changes around the co-op lately. Some of those things are very subtle, while other things may really stand out. One big change is the goal to keep the office open during “usual” business hours that everyone else keeps. This is the new sign that has been installed on the front door of your co-op office, reflecting the new hours!




Where did “Co-Op News” go?

You may have noticed in recent past that “Co-Op News” is no longer included with your monthly bill, and no longer present on the co-op’s website. The purpose of that news-letter was to keep members up to date with upcoming projects, seasonal tips, and other general information. Although that information was probably helpful for some members, the employee time and expense seemed better used for other purposes that would better meet the members needs. Instead, the co-op will now keep information that was previously contained the in the news letter, posted on this website. In addition to saving the members time and money, the information will be available faster than it would have been if delivered in your monthly bill!




Message from the Field Manager (Kris Conway)


“The leaves are falling and so are the temperatures. Be sure to insulate your meter boxes, and cover your outside faucets to avoid broken pipes.”