Board Meeting Minutes – April 23, 2020


Board Members Present: Don Wicks, Ken Aberle, Linda Fountain, Amber Morgan, Mark Franzen, Thomas Gunn, Michael Steffl, Lisa Dutz

Board Members Absent: Malcolm Moreno

Staff Present: Laurie Lago, Kyle Culley

Members Present: None

This meeting of the LA Water Cooperative was called to order at 6:01pm by Don Wicks, Chairman

Officers were elected:

President/Chair – Don Wicks

Vice President – Ken Aberle

Secretary – Linda Fountain

Treasurer – Amber Morgan

Secretary’s Report – The minutes of the March 2020 meeting was presented in writing.

Motion to approve by Amber Morgan. Seconded by Linda Fountain.

Voted & Passed

Treasurer’s Report – March reports presented.

Motion to approve by Tom Gunn. Seconded by Ken Aberle. Voted & Passed

Business Manager’s Report – Report presented in writing.

Motion to approve by Linda Fountain. Seconded by Tom Gunn. Voted & Passed

Operations Manager’s Report – The field manager’s report was presented in writing.

  • Meter Reading – The Sensus laptop crashed and after several attempts to repair, we ended up having to hand read approx. 300 meters, which caused the March billing to be delayed a week. Due dates were extended for March and Sensus is working to have the laptop repaired before we read in April.

  • Dixon Mill Pump –Kyle met with both Brightside Electric and HPS to determine the correct size pump and set-up which should prevent the problems we have been having from occurring again. The new pump was installed.

  • Laurelwood Line Extension – This line was completed and the 5 inactive certificates made active.

  • LaSalle Road Meter Repair – Customer with broken line, turned off our side of the meter and broke the valve. Crew repaired the meter and we are charging customer for repairs.

  • Electrical needs – Brightside Electric has been very responsive and we will continue to work with them for electrical needs. Kyle has been talking with Jerry Nethkin (our old electrician and he is willing to teach and assist Kyle so Kyle can trouble shoot alarms and know how to read the codes. Something our field tech’s need to understand.

  • Leak Detection Equipment – Purchased leak detection equipment for $1498.00. Leak Detection companies were costing us an average of $500 per call out when using the same type of equipment we just purchased. The crew has started proactively working leaks when they have spare time and have already confirmed 3 suspected leaks and are investigating a possible 4th. This will be a great tool for locating or confirming leaks.

  • Gaston Bridge Project – This project is still slated to start this summer. In talks with our Engineer (Denny @ WestTech) and the Project Manager for Washington County (Andrew Morris) for the project.

I don’t believe the Board had been kept fully apprised of the scope of the work involved

and the cost to L.A. Water Coop by the previous operations manager. I have provided

below a breakdown of the estimated costs totaling $247,358.00.

The IGA agreement for the project with Washington County was presented. Washington County has agreed to extend us a payment plan to pay off our portion of the project over a 5 year period.

Gaston Bridge Project Budget Estimate

Our Engineer’s Cost Estimate (details attached)

$ 169,745.00

Subtract our Engineer’s Mobilization Estimate

$ (16,500.00)

Add Washington County’s Mobilization Estimate

$ 30,000.00

IGA/Design Cost

$ 16,113.00

Est. WA County 12% fee for managing (reduced from normal 15%)

$ 20,000.00

Our Engineer’s Fees Estimate (WestTech)

$ 28,000.00

Estimated Total Job Cost

$ 247,358.00

Motion to approve by Amber Morgan. Seconded by Tom Gunn. Voted & Passed

Old Business

  1. OAWU rate study – Informing Tim we are holding off on rate increases due to the current economic situation. Will speak to him about extending our 1 year follow-up time.

  1. Astleford Easement & Fire Hydrant Letter – Lawyer reviewing. Do flow test and confer with Fire Department.

New Business

  1. Board Member Voting Results – Linda Fountain, Ken Aberle, and Tom Gunn were re-elected.
  2. Leak Credits – Motion to approve by Ken Aberle. Seconded by Amber Morgan. Voted & Passed
  3. Request to Sell Back Certificate – Motion to Approve buy back of certificate less Hillsboro SDC Charges and current account balance by Ken Aberle. Seconded by Tom Gunn
  4. New Certificate Request – Motion to deny based on supply evaluation by staff, by Tom Gunn. Seconded by Mark Franzen. Voted & Passed
  5. Gaston Bridge Project IGA – Motion to approve by Tom Gunn. Seconded by Amber Morgan. Voted & Passed
  6. Discussion on how to make the board meetings available to members during this social distancing mandate. Due to the difficulty of large online meetings, members who have issue to address the board with will be sent an invite to join the meeting for their specific session. To be re-evaluated each month until this is over.
  7. Discussion on looking at the budget and seeing if we can cut back in areas due to the economic downturn. Reminded staff to hold off on any purchases that can be delayed at this time.

Motion to Adjourn by Tom Gunn. Seconded by Linda Fountain. Voted and Passed

Meeting Adjourned at 7:06pm