Board Meeting Minutes – May 28, 2020


Board Members Present: Don Wicks, Linda Fountain, Amber Morgan, Mark Franzen, Thomas Gunn, Michael Steffl, Lisa Dutz

Board Members Absent: Malcolm Moreno, Ken Aberle

Staff Present: Laurie Lago

Members Present: None

This meeting of the LA Water Cooperative was called to order at 6:16pm by Don Wicks, Chairman

Secretary’s Report – The minutes of the April 2020 meeting was presented in writing.

Motion to approve by Tom Gunn. Seconded by Amber Morgan.

Voted & Passed

Treasurer’s Report – April reports presented.

Motion to approve by Linda Fountain. Seconded by Mark Franzen. Voted & Passed

Business Manager’s Report – Report presented in writing.

Motion to approve by Amber Morgan. Seconded by Mark Franzen. Voted & Passed

Operations Manager’s Report – The field manager’s report was presented in writing.

  • Meter Reading – The Laptop has checked out as being ok and it was the Sensus VGB unit that was malfunctioning. Sensus gave us a loaner VGB for this month’s reads and took ours in for repair.

  • Dixon Mill Pump – The pump that was replaced in April started failing. Turned out to be a faulty pump and is being replaced under warranty. HPS has provided and installed a back-up pump in the interim until the other pump is replaced.

  • New Meter Tap – Tapped meter on Albertson Road which required boring under the road. Customer hired AT Underground for boring, which we have worked with in the past, and installation went smoothly.

  • Lambert Pump House – Pump #2 is leaking. Hurley engineering will be attempting to fix the pump, possibly will have to replace.

  • Hartley Road Monitor Meter Install – Installed 3” monitoring meter and re-routed the line on Hartley road to replace the meter that had blown out back in November when the mainline broke. Completed landscape repair from break during the winter and the recent repair.

  • Edna Lane Subdivision – Did locating and potholing on Edna Lane to determine line size and location to update maps and be ready for meter hook-ups for the 4 lots for sale on that road. Informed developer that all customers will need PRV’s and Double Check Vales installed on customer side of the meter.

  • Shop and Grounds Clean-up – Any spare time Kyle and Mason have they been working on cleaning up around the shop and grounds. They have taken loads of metal in for recycling and garbage to the dump. They are also working on organizing all inventory and making sure we have commonly used items on hand to eliminate the needs for numerous trips to town for parts when working a job or emergency call-outs.

Motion to approve by Tom Gunn. Seconded by Mark Franzen. Voted & Passed

Old Business

  1. OAWU rate study – Spoke with Tim regarding the one year review – they will freeze the one year and check back with us in the 4th Quarter, due to the economic situation.

  1. Astleford Easement & Fire Hydrant Letter – Working with Fire Department to confirm Hydrant can be used for tanker fill only.

New Business

  1. Leak Credits – Tom Gunn moved to review cost of water and adjust leak credit if needed and send out credits. Seconded by Mike Steffl. Voted & Passed
  2. Two New Certificate Requests – Bald Peak & Flett Rd – Motion to deny based on storage capacity, by Tom Gunn. Seconded by Linda Fountain. Voted & Passed
  3. Storage Capacity requirements for new certificates – discussion but no motions

Motion to Adjourn by Tom Gunn. Seconded by Amber Morgan. Voted and Passed

Meeting Adjourned at 7:10pm

Executive Session Held