February 16, 2017 Meeting Minutes



BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Gary Carr, Megan Corvus at 7:06 p.m., Mark Franzen, Sandy Pagano, Linda Fountain, Ken Aberle, Malcolm Moreno and Mike Steffl.  BOARD MEMBER ABSENT:  Caroline Devin


STAFF PRESENT:  Patricia Carr, Kris Conway   MEMBERS PRESENT:  Bret Gutzka and John Henslee


This meeting of the L. A. Water Cooperative Board of Directors was called to order at 7:00 PM by Gary Carr, Chairman.


Secretary’s Report:  The minutes of the monthly board meeting on January 19, 2017 were presented in writing.  MOTION by Sandy Pagano to approve the minutes of January 19, 2017 as presented.  Seconded by Mike Steffl.  Voted.  Passed.


Treasurer’s Report:  The January Financial Summary, January Balance Sheets, January Statement of Operations, and January – December Performance to Budget Report were presented in writing.  MOTION by Linda Fountain to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented.  Seconded by Sandy Pagano.  Voted.  Passed.


Business Manager’s Report:  The Business Manager’s Report, January System Status Report and January Directors’ Report were presented in writing.  Board did not believe the Directors’ Report was necessary monthly.  MOTION by Sandy Pagano to accept the Business Manager’s Report as presented.  Seconded by Linda Fountain.  Voted.  Passed.


Operations Report:  The January 19 – February 16, 2017 Operations Report was given verbally by Kris Conway.   He reported he had found 4 service leaks in the last month and had repaired one main line leak on Pit Road.  We had a transducer failure at Muddy Gulch which burned out one pump and we have begun installing the radio-read water meters.  This past month Kris Conway has attended a flagging class and received his certificate and he has attended a Cross Connection Class and received his recertification as a Cross Connection Specialist. The January Consumption Report, and 2016 Water Loss Report were presented in writing.   John Henslee asked about the flags in the field off of Sunrise Peaks Road.  Kris Conway explained that he had received a report of a water leak there and they had investigated.  It was found to be spring water and run-off.  He will remove the flags.



Dixon Mill Road Project Progress Report:  On hold.


Bylaws Committee:  Re-reviewed comments from Co-op attorney, Lucas Welliver on bylaws changes.  MOTION by Megan Corvus to accept the suggestions given by Lucas Welliver.  Seconded by Ken Aberle.  Voted.  Passed.



Annual Meeting:  It was presented that the Gaston Fire Department does their drills on Tuesdays and the fire hall would not be available on March 28th.  Discussed moving the meeting to Wednesday, March 29th or changing venue.  MOTION by Sandy Pagano to move the Annual Meeting to Wednesday, March 29th so it can be held at the Gaston Fire Hall.  Seconded by Megan Corvus.  Voted.  Passed.


Bret Gutzka suggested we emphasize the progress being made in water loss.  John Henslee suggested including the cost of the Sensus radio-read water meters and their expected return on investment.  Kris Conway suggested we add some educational information regarding Cross Connection.



Megan Corvus stated that she had spoken to Jason Green, OAWU, and he offered to come to give another presentation when new board members are in place.


John Henslee asked if the financial reports would be available at the Annual Meeting.  Explained that the full Financial Report will be included in the Annual Meeting packets that are mailed to every member in March.

MOTION by Sandy Pagano to adjourn at 7:43 p.m.  Seconded by Ken Aberle.  Voted.  Passed.