Board Meeting Minutes – June 25, 2020


Board Members Present: Don Wicks, Linda Fountain, Mark Franzen, Ken Aberle, Thomas Gunn, Michael Steffl

Board Members Absent: Malcolm Moreno, Amber Morgan, Lisa Dutz

Staff Present: Laurie Lago

Members Present: None

This meeting of the LA Water Cooperative was called to order at 6:03pm by Don Wicks, Chairman

Secretary’s Report – The minutes of the May 2020 meeting was presented in writing.

Motion to approve by Linda Fountain. Seconded by Tom Gunn.

Voted & Passed

Treasurer’s Report – Report presented in writing.

Motion to approve by Linda Fountain. Seconded by Mark Franzen. Voted & Passed

Business Report – Report presented in writing.

Motion to approve by Ken Aberle. Seconded by Tom Gunn. Voted & Passed

Field Report – Report presented in writing.

Gibson Pump House The drive that tells the pump house when to pump up to next reservoir, burnt up and 2 reservoirs were almost empty when we discovered it. Called Brightside out and they were able to repair the same day and water was restored with only one customer noticing slight pressure decrease.

Lambert Pump House – Piping blew out on Pump #2 which is the one that was leaking. Blown piping was a result of the drive issue at Gibson. When the system kicked back after the drive repair, the pressure surge blew the piping on that pump. The pump had been piped by a previous employee and PVC pipe was used which was the incorrect material for the job. Pumps should be plumbed with galvanized or brass. Hurley was not responding promptly on the leaking pump, so we called HPS when the piping blew. They responded quickly and have pulled the pump, unfortunately the pump is too old to get parts and we need to replace the pump. Pump Cost $4258.33 and Kyle will replumb with brass.

ARV Valve on Dixon Mill – An Air Release Valve on Dixon Mill was hit by Washington County Road crew while mowing. Our box was not clearly marked so unable to charge repair to Washington County. Crew repaired and are reviewing markings in other areas to be sure they are clearly visible.

Poppy Road Main Line Damaged – Customer hit our main line while trenching, line repaired and customer billed.

Weekend Callout for Cloudy Water – determined it was sediment from mainline break the day before that cleared after additional flushing.

Pump House Maintenance – Due to the continuous problems with the pump houses recently, Kyle is going through each pump house and making notes of any and/or all deficiencies that we need to look at addressing.

Bald Peak Leak – A line bored under the road up at Bald Peak which has been fixed previously is leaking again and undermining the road. We will be hiring AT Underground to assist in boring under the road and replacing the twice repaired line with a new line.

City of Hillsboro Testing Shutdown – The City of Hillsboro and the Joint Water Commission are planning to perform Breaker Testing at the WTP next week. Starting Tuesday, June 23rd the JWC WTP will shut down around 7:30 am and expect to be offline for 6-8 hours. This will continue both Wednesday the 24th and Thursday the 25th. If the work is not completed in this time frame, we may need another shutdown on Friday the 26th.

They have supplied a “Mitigation Plan” and will be providing a daily status report starting the afternoon of Tuesday the 23rd once they are back online, regarding how things went with the breaker testing, system demands and forecasts, Fernhill Reservoir levels and any other pertinent information that is worth sharing.

Kyle is working on making sure all reservoirs are full before each shut off and will be monitoring our system closely to ensure no area on our system runs out of water.

Motion to approve by Tom Gunn. Seconded by Mark Franzen. Voted & Passed

Old Business

  1. Fire Hydrants – In discussion with Dave Nemeyer of Tualatin Valley Fire District to leave hydrants that are usable for tank filling with signs posted. Dave is agreeable to that possibility and we are in the process of compiling information he requested then we will meet to discuss options.

New Business

  1. New Certificate Requests – Elsinore Lane – Motion to tentatively approve for 30 days on condition of purchase and close of property, by Mark Franzen. Seconded by Linda Fountain. Voted & Passed

Motion to Adjourn by Mark Franzen. Seconded by Linda Fountain. Voted and Passed

Meeting Adjourned at 6:30pm